Here are some ways you can contribute to the ongoing UACC ministries, maintenance and improvement of the facilities at UACC, and global missions. 

Pledges & Endowments


Prior to the start of each calendar year, we ask that our members fill out a pledge card to indicate the level of support we may expect from them for the coming year. This important commitment is vital for the Church leadership, so that they may plan the ministries of the Church with confidence.


The following Endowment Funds have been established at UACC. Contributions to these funds will be added to the capital and the interest accrued will be used for the purposes indicated below:

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Building Endowment Fund
The Church building and property is in constant need of maintenance and repair. Gifts to the building fund are always welcome, and the income from this fund will be put to use to support the ongoing property needs. When major renovations are necessary there may be special fundraising campaigns.
Christian Education Endowment Fund
Income will be used for youth programs, Sunday School and/or other Christian Education programs.
Music Endowment Fund
Income will be used to support the Church Choir and/or other music ministries in the Church.
Missions Endowment Fund
Our Church supports dozens of missionary efforts all over the world. The income from this fund may be used to support our existing missions projects. There are special offering envelopes in the Church pews that may be used to make contributions toward specific Missions Projects or directly to the Missions Endowment Fund.

Our Funding Projects

We are constantly growing and looking for your help to make UACC a better community. Please find our funding projects below and start your pledge today.


Courtyard Project

Restoration and improvement of all courtyards surrounding the church facility.

Budget $1,050,000
Donated/Pledged to Date $984,000
Remaining $66,000
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Social Hall Project

Restoration and improvement of the Social Hall floor.

Budget $250,000
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