COVID-19 Updates & Guidelines

Preliminary Covid-19 Guidelines for Attending Worship at UACC

Preparation of the Facility

  1. Signs will be posted as needed to direct people about the protocols and instructions
  2. Every other pew will be roped off. The remaining pews will be marked every six feet to indicate where people should sit to maintain the appropriate distance.
  3. Multiple hand sanitizing stations will be set up in the courtyards and narthex so people can access them while still maintaining social distancing.
  4. All areas used on Sunday mornings, especially high touch areas, will be spot cleaned while the church is occupied and then thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each week after the service
  5. The church pews will be cleared of everything, including hymnals, visitor cards, Bibles, etc. Likewise, the narthex will be emptied of any reading materials/pick up items that people may choose to touch
  6. A special page on our website will be prepared to provide details of these guidelines and a place for them to reserve a spot if they would like to attend church that Sunday morning

General Protocols for Sunday Mornings

  1. Reservations must be made and no more than 100 people will be allowed in the sanctuary for worship on Sundays. If more than 100 people make reservations we will see about providing a livestream of the service in the Social Hall with people socially distanced in that setting as well. The social hall will not be open on Sundays unless this is necessary

  2. Only the sanctuary will be in use on Sunday mornings. All other buildings and rooms will be closed

  3. Entrances from the rear gate near the music room, the west side gate/steps on the Sunday School side and the front gates will be open. No one will be permitted to enter through the social hall
  4. All doors including entrances to the narthex and sanctuary will be propped open as people are arriving/leaving so that no one needs to touch them

  5. When the service has concluded the ushers will dismiss worshipers row by row in an orderly fashion to avoid logjams at the doors.

  6. Initially there will be no fellowship hour or refreshments. When food service does start again, servers will be trained for safety and provided with PPE. Multiple serving stations will be set up so that people can get their food safely.

  7. Everyone attending church is required to wear a mask at all times. If someone arrives without a mask one will be provided. The masks musts be worn properly (ie. covering both mouth and nose), remain on throughout the service and not be removed until after leaving the church campus.

  8. No one should be shaking hands, hugging or making other physical contact with anyone outside their direct household.

  9. Ushers will not shake hand or get close to anyone and must wear masks. Their main role will be to guide people to the hand sanitizer stations and provide masks to those who need them. They will guide people to appropriate seats to ensure social distancing

  10.  Livestreaming of the service will continue and people in the “high risk” category will be encouraged to continue making use of that option rather than attending in personLivestreaming of the service will continue and people in the “high risk” category will be encouraged to continue making use of that option rather than attending in person
  11.  The doors of the sanctuary will be kept open during the service to create ventilation
  12.  There are 2 bathrooms available – one next to the ushers room and one in the bridal room. They are both private rooms for one person at a time. Bathrooms will be sanitize after each use

Specific Protocols for Sunday Worship

  1. Offering plates will not be passed around during the service, but will be left in the narthex for donations as people leave. Electronic donations made through the website are encouraged.
  2. No paper programs will be handed out. Worship instructions will be given from the pulpit or via projection through the Easy Worship program
  3. A picture/video of the full sanctuary will be taken each week to aid in contact tracing in case someone comes down with COVID19.
  4. Disinfectant spray/wipes will be left near the worship team and on the pulpit. Each person should wipe down the pulpit or any individual sound equipment before the next person uses it
  5. There will be no responsive/unison readings or congregational singing during the service. The worship team will sing as usual and no one will be seated in the 6 rows of pews closest to them.
  6. For the time being, there will be no communion or baptisms services. These sacraments will restart when they are considered safe again
  7. Social distance will be maintained during fellowship before and after the worship service. People will be encouraged to go out into the open air to speak where it is safer. Masks are still required and all the above guidelines apply, as long as you remain on the Church campus

Specific Protocols for Sunday School

  1. Because of the heavy restrictions imposed by state and federal guidelines, it is virtually impossible to conduct a meaningful on campus children’s ministry in our Sunday School classrooms. Children are encouraged to continue participating in our virtual Sunday School

  2. While some guidelines suggest that children stay with their parents in Church it would be highly disruptive to have younger children in the church during the worship service. This would impact both those worshiping in the sanctuary and potentially the hundreds of people still worshiping with us via livestream. We do not encourage parents to bring their young children to Church yet.

  3. Children who are old enough to sit through the worship service may join their parents in church. They must not be allowed to run free around the campus and should always be with their parents.

Video Updates

Update from Rev. Ron: July 16, 2020
Update from Rev. Ron: June 9, 2020
Update from Rev. Ron: March 18, 2020