COVID-19 Updates & Guidelines

Covid-19 Guidelines for Outdoor Sunday Services

Preparation of the East Courtyard

  1. There will be two volunteers taking temperatures at the entrance as people arrive
  2. Signs will be posted as needed on the walls, benches and floors to maintain social distancing and remind people about the protocols and instructions
  3. Chairs will be arranged throughout the courtyard at appropriate social distance from each other. Each household group should arrange the number of chairs they need within those areas.
  4. Multiple hand sanitizing stations will be set up in the courtyards so people can access them while still maintaining social distancing.
  5. In the courtyard, all high touch areas, will be cleaned and sanitized before the service and then again after the service when everyone has gone home.

General Protocols 

  1. Reservations must be made and initially no more than 50 people will be allowed to participate.

  2. Only the East courtyard will be in use for this service. All other buildings and rooms will be closed.

  3. The gates will be propped open so there will be no need to touch them.
  4. The service will be approximately 40-45 minutes with a message in English and a shorter Armenian meditation.

  5. There will be no refreshments served.

  6. While this is an outdoor service, it is a public gathering of some size, so everyone attending is still required to wear a mask at all times. If someone arrives without a mask one will be provided. The masks musts be worn properly (ie. covering both mouth and nose), remain on throughout the service and not be removed until after leaving the church campus.

  7. No one should be shaking hands, hugging or making other physical contact with anyone outside their direct household.

  8. Ushers will not shake hand or get close to anyone and must wear masks. Their main role will be to take temperatures, welcome guests at the door, guide people to the hand sanitizer stations and provide masks to those who need them.

    9. We will continue to livestream the Sunday morning worship service each Sunday. People in the “high risk” category will be encouraged to continue making use of that option rather than attending in person

    10. Access to bathrooms will be limited during this short service but available upon request. Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently.

Specific Protocols for the Service

  1.  There will be no offering taken at this service.
  2. A worship leader or a small team of musicians will lead worship songs and hymns. The congregation may sing along, but masks must remain in place.
  3. A pictures/videos of all those in attendance will be taken each week to aid in contact tracing in case someone subsequently tests positive for COVID-19.
  4. Disinfectant spray/wipes will be left near the worship team and on the podium. Each person should wipe down the podium or any individual sound equipment before the next person uses it
  5. Social distance will be maintained during fellowship before and after the worship service. Masks are still required and all the above guidelines apply, until you exit to the parking lot.

Specific Protocols for Families with Young Children

  1. Because of the heavy restrictions imposed by state and federal guidelines, it is not practical for young children to participate in this service. We encourage them to continue participating in our virtual Sunday School on Sunday mornings.

  2. Children who are old enough to sit through the service may attend with their parents. They must not be allowed to run free around the campus and should always be with their parents.

  3. Children who are old enough to sit through the worship service may join their parents in church. They must not be allowed to run free around the campus and should always be with their parents.

Video Updates

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