Sunday Service Guidelines

Covid-19 Guidelines for Attending UACC Sunday Worship Services

  1. Reservations must be made for each Sunday service by 5:00pm on Saturday evening. This can be done through the church website or by leaving a voice  message with the church office. Attendance is limited to 50 people.
  2. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and the entry door will be closed at 10:45am.
  3. Seating spots are marked on every third pew throughout the sanctuary. Each marked spot is for one family unit, regardless of the size of the group.
  4. Masks must be worn at all times. If anyone arrives without a mask one will be provided.
  5. Masks musts be worn properly (ie. covering both mouth and nose), remain on throughout the service and not be removed until after leaving the church campus.
  6. No one should shake hands, hug or have physical contact with those outside their household.
  7. 2 bathrooms are available, in the narthex and bridal room. They will be sanitized frequently.
  8. Offering will not be taken during the service. Plates will be left in the Narthex for donations
  9. Social distance will be maintained during fellowship before and after the worship service.
  10. Children old enough to sit through the service may attend with their parents. They must not be allowed to run free and should always be supervised.